My website is having a makeover!

I am updating my website to fully encompass all that I currently offer, and clearly showcase the importance of mental wellbeing, and the effect this has on individuals and the businesses that employ them. In the meantime you can read a little about how I can support you below.

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Hi, I’m Teresa!

I am a Mental Health Teacher, Coach, and Mentor – Equipping your employees with resilience and joy through education, awareness training, and coaching, to reduce stress and absence at work.

How I can help

Bringing together all my experience, knowledge and qualifications of over 30 years in personal development, mental health and education, I now offer Mental Wellbeing Consultancy.

Do you struggle with understanding and supporting your staff with their life changes in bereavement, menopause, being diagnosed with a chronic illness or ADHD and Autism, or any other of the many possible experiences, that could affect their mental wellbeing?

Do you believe that supporting your employees with their challenges, providing a safe and happy work environment and having an open mind for solutions to improve mental wellbeing is important these days?

Would you like to be able to not only successfully employ the right people for your business, because you are well known for being a supportive employer, but to also continuously improve staff retention?

Do you value loyalty, commitment, motivation in your staff, because you can see that the benefits will be enhanced moral, increased productivity and profitability?

You might have a keen interest in your employees’ wellbeing, however you might sometimes feel out of your depth, when it comes to saying the right thing, or providing the right resources.

I am not surprised, after all this is not the role you applied for.

Supporting your employees with life changing events to ensure their mental wellbeing, is my passion and my speciality.

I can help you by teaching your staff different tools and skills to develop a better understanding and emotional resilience around mental wellbeing.

I do this by creating a safe and confidential space, in which your employees will be able to share their experiences, thoughts and emotions as well as learning how to apply new skills and tools.

I provide 1:1 support, as well as Corporate Support Packages and workshops.


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